Tanners bitumen services range from small patch repairs to two-coat bitumen seals and reseals for roads, car parks, and driveways.

Bitumen Seals & Reseals

Tanners Bitumen & Asphalt have the equipment and expertise to deliver projects from small bitumen patch repairs through to two-coat bitumen seals and reseals for roads, car parks, and driveways for clients in Yeppoon, Rockhampton, Gladstone, and Central Queensland.

What is Bitumen Seal?

Bitumen is a binding agent produced from petroleum which is known for being strongly adhesive and resistant to damage from water and oil spills. Bitumen can be produced to different specifications depending on how it’s going to be used; however, all types bitumen are created by distilling crude oil. This process removes the lighter liquid and leaves a thick sticky substance. Bitumen is sprayed on the surface of the area to be sealed and then pre-coated aggregate is applied in a smooth layer and then rolled, once complete, the process is repeated giving a two-coat seal. You will find this application on rural roads, rural driveway settings and some car parks. It will leave a loose stone and slightly rough texture once completed.

Bitumen Services

Emulsion Bitumen

Bituminous emulsion is a mixture of bitumen, emulsifiers and water which disperse the bitumen to form fine bitumen droplets.

The purpose of the emulsifiers are to make the emulsion stable to transport, store, and break during use.

Used mainly in smaller applications, emulsion bitumen sealing is a cold-applied product that is sprayed, then allowed to break. Pre-coated aggregate is then applied over the sprayed area and then rolled.

C170 Hot Bitumen

C170 hot bitumen is a preferred bitumen for sealing because of its viscosity, which allows it to bind better to the pre-coated aggregate.

C170 bitumen is heated to a temperature of 175°C before being sprayed on a prepared surface. Once sprayed, a small coating of pre-coated aggregate is placed over the hot bitumen and then rolled in place. Once the first layer has been completed, a second layer of hot bitumen is sprayed, and another layer of pre-coated aggregate can be applied and rolled.

This is where the term “two-coat bitumen seal” comes from.

AMC00 Prime

A prime is an initial treatment, being the application of a primer to a prepared granular base.

It usually consists of a bitumen and cutter oil or specially formulated bitumen emulsion primer and is placed without a cover aggregate.

Penetration of the prime into the base varies, but for granular base materials, it is typically 5–10 mm, depending on the type and grade of prime.

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