Tanners provides expert car park solutions for commercial businesses, industrial sites, schools, and shopping centres throughout Central Queensland.

Car Park Solutions

From small three-car parking lots to medium-scale constructions, Tanners is your go-to partner for car park solutions. We offer complete construction services or can focus specifically on bitumen sealing and asphalt work.

Our team collaborates with you to either design and build car parks tailored to your needs or construct them based on engineered designs to ensure functional and aesthetically pleasing results.

Car Park Services

Renovation of Existing Car Park

Tanners offers comprehensive solutions for the renovation or development of your current parking facility.

Providing options to refresh your existing car park with a new surface or undertake expansive extensions to maximise its potential and functionality, Tanners has you covered.

Full Construction of New Car Park

Tanners is your trusted partner for complete solutions in the construction of new parking facilities, regardless of size. Whether undertaking full-scale construction based on supplied engineered drawings or offering internal advice and design for smaller-scale projects, Tanners ensures a comprehensive approach, seamlessly completing every aspect of the process from box out to asphalt.

With a commitment to excellence and flexibility, Tanners caters to a diverse range of client needs, delivering quality results in both large and small-scale car park constructions.

Car Park Fixtures and Line Marking

Tanners specialises in car park fixtures and line marking services, offering expertise in line marking, bollard installation, wheel stop installation, and signage installation.

Whether renovating existing car parks or constructing new ones, Tanners ensures precise and functional parking spaces tailored to your specific needs.

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