Tanners has the skills, experience, and equipment to deliver high-quality civil construction services for small-scale civil earthworks projects.

Civil Construction Works

Tanners Bitumen & Asphalt is your trusted partner for civil construction projects in Yeppoon, Rockhampton, Central Queensland, and beyond. Our skilled team possesses the expertise and cutting-edge equipment necessary to handle a wide array of small-scale civil earthworks projects.

At Tanners, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality civil construction solutions, and our commitment to excellence, combined with our experience and dedication, makes us the ideal choice for your next project.

Civil Work Services


Tanners offers comprehensive driveway solutions for both residential or commercial properties. We can manage your project from inception to completion, or we can assist specifically with bitumen sealing and asphalt applications.

With a track record of satisfied clients across Yeppoon, Rockhampton, Gladstone, and Central Queensland, our expertise ensures durable and well-designed driveways.

Road Widening

Tanners can provide road widening services, specialising in both the design and construction of widened roads. Road widening is a critical aspect of many development plans, essential for land subdivision or accommodating increased traffic.

We can either execute the full build or work precisely to engineered specifications, ensuring the road meets necessary standards and safety requirements.

Rural Accesses

Rural access construction demands a unique set of skills and materials. Tanners can handle full rural access builds, including tasks like subgrade preparation, road base installation, culvert and rock drain setup, and the bitumen sealing process.

Our extensive experience in rural environments guarantees durable and reliable access points.

Car Parks

Tanners works closely with civil engineers to create customised parking solutions and constructing car parks according to your specifications.

Our expertise allows us to efficiently and effectively implement engineered designs, guaranteeing functional and visually appealing results.

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