Tanners offers a wide range of road, intersection, and car park line marking services for small and large projects, as well as line marking removal.

Line Marking Solutions

Tanners Bitumen & Asphalt has the equipment and expertise to handle a wide range of line marking and line marking removal projects, small or large. Our services extend from single car park lines to complete line marking solutions for intersections and large-scale car parks. Over the years, we have successfully completed a diverse range of line marking projects for clients across Yeppoon, Rockhampton, Gladstone, and Central Queensland.

Our line marking experience includes but not limited to:

  • Line marking for school sports facilities
  • Installation of speed bumps
  • Traffic control line marking
  • Line marking for roads and warehouses
  • Car park line marking
  • Internal safety line marking
  • Line marking for shopping centres
  • Intersection line marking
  • Large stencil line marking

Line Marking Services

Line Marking

Line marking is the process of applying water-based or chlorinated rubber-based paints to a ground surface, which is either asphalt, bitumen, or concrete, to assist with directing traffic or pedestrians. This can consist of line-marking lines to guide traffic flow, chevrons for no-go zones, and guides for stopping, giving way, or delineating vehicles and pedestrians.

Utilising an airless painting spraying system that is mounted to a movable buggy, which can either be pushed or driven. Use of this system guarantees consistent widths of lines and thickness across the surfaces.

Thermoplastic Line Marking

Thermoplastic is a long-life, non-hazardous plastic line marking material. It is applied at a high temperature (180–205°C) and sets quickly, allowing traffic to drive over it a short time after application. For this reason, it has become one of the world's preferred line-marking materials.

Commonly used in high-traffic intersections and highways, many clients utilise thermoplastic due to its extended lifespan, which on average can be 3–5 times as long as standard paint applications. Thermoplastic can be applied via machine for long lines or as pre-cast stencils for other markings.

Line Marking Removal

Tanners can provide line marking removal services for car parks, roads, warehouses, factories, or anywhere line marking needs to be removed from any surface.

Methods of line marking removal we offer are completed via scarifying with our line marking removal machine, water blasting with a high-powered gernie, or blacking out with black line-marking paint.

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